The Gregg County Historical Museum's Balloon Sculpture Project is a celebration of Longview's history and heritage through custom made metal Hot Air Balloons that will be strategically placed around town to celebrate Longview's Sesquicentennial. Businesses will purchase a 5’ 6” metal, rust proof, high quality, white balloon sculpture that they can customize with art or a vinyl wrap that celebrates what makes their business special. Each Balloon Sculpture will be a wonderful tribute to what makes Longview great and each have a 25 year outdoor life. Call the Museum (903-753-5840) or go to their website (www.gregghistorical.org) to request a balloon application or purchase your Balloon Sculpture today!

Balloon Purchase Include:
• $3,000 total price, ($2,000 for a 3’ Balloon Sculpture)
• A Longview 150 vinyl decal installed on the balloon basket
• A high quality, industrial UV filtering clear top coat
• Installation at your business. Install at your business location or choose from one of the pre-approved downtown Longview locations. Each balloon base can be customized for grass or concrete installation by Modisette Welding, the creator and fabricator of the balloons.

Purchaser Responsibilities:
• Choose and pay for your art or vinyl wrap for your Balloon separately.