Preservation Reception

September 20, 2024

The Gregg County Historical Museum Preservation Reception began in 2008 with the first preservation award going to Ann Lacy Crain. Over the past 14 years, the museum has given out awards to Gregg County citizens who have shown dedication to their community, a heart for giving, and a love of history.

The following is a list of Preservation Award Recipients over the years.

2023: Walter and Cappi Northcutt
2022: India Ann Rader Stroupe
2021: Dr. Andy Mack
2019: Gail and Mike Martin
2018: Judge Bill Stoudt
2017: Dan and Francye Phillips
2016: Dr. Frank and Darba Jackson
2015: Evelyn and Lloyd Bolding
2014: Linda Ryan Thomas
2013: Jack and Barbara Phillips
2012: Margaret Martin
2011: Howard and Dr. Peggy Coghlan
2010: John and Anne Turk
2009: WD Northcutt
2008: Ann Lacy Crain

2022 Preservation Reception

2021 Preservation Reception