Flo Stevens Memorial Website

Since the inception of the Gregg County Historical Museum, many Gregg County residents, as well as those from around the country, have contributed and donated their time and resources to the museum's collections and operations. One such extremely generous donation came to the Museum by way of the late Mrs. Floreid Francis Stevens, or "Flo" as she liked to be called.

Following her passing, Flo's family followed through with her wishes to develop a memorial endowment and exhibit of her works in both history and genealogy. The Stevens family graciously contributed to the operations of the Gregg County Historical Museum as the museum continues to work hand in hand to preserve the work and memory of their loved one.

The contributions for the memory of Flo Stevens have been used to set up this interactive, educational and archival based website for the continued expansion of local Texas History here in Gregg County. Our website was developed to be a professional and top-notch interactive site to be used to promote and position the educational and exhibition objectives for the Gregg County Historical Museum. Per the wishes of the Stevens family, the website features up-to-date information and promotional tools for the Museum as well as showcasing online exhibits with both audio and visual interaction – all in conjunction with preserving the works of the beloved Flo Stevens. In addition to agreeing to fund the development of the site, they also set up an endowment for the future maintenance of it. The Gregg County Historical Museum is most appreciative of this gift from the Stevens family – The Museum will continue to use its website for the further promotion of Gregg County's history, including that of the late Floreid Francis Stevens.