Gregg County Historical Museum
Essay Contest
Deadline January 1, 2024
For additional information, email education@gregghistorical.org.

Students are responsible for the design, research, and creation of your entry. You may seek guidance from your teachers as you research and analyze your material but conclusions must be your own. Two (2) copies of the required material must be submitted by January 1, 2024. Entry materials will be sent to members of the Education Committee and winner will be announced the week of January 15, 2024.

The Gregg County Historical Museum must be used as a primary source.
Entries must include 2 copies of the following written materials in the following order:

  • Title page
  • A properly documented paper no less than 1,500 words and no more than 2,500 words in length. The word limit does NOT apply to annotated bibliography, illustration captions, and supplemental/appendix material. Materials must be typed, computer printed, or legibly handwritten in ink on plain, white 8.5 x 11-inch paper with 1-inch margins on all sides. Pages must be numbered consecutively and double-spaced with writing on one side and with no more than 12 characters per inch or no less than 10-point type. Materials must be stapled in the top left corner and should not be enclosed in any cover or binder.
  • Photographs, maps and illustrations are encouraged with each paper.
  • An annotated bibliography is required, MLA format. Citations are used to credit the sources of specific ideas and quotations. The annotations for each source must explain how the source was used and how it helped you understand your topic.
    • For example:
      Bates, Daisy. The Long Shadow of Little Rock.
      New York: David McKay Co. Inc., 1962

      Daisy Bates was the president of the Arkansas NAACP and the one who met and listened ot the students each day. The first hand account was very important to my paper because it made me more aware of the feelings of the people involved.

The Gregg County Historical Museum is sponsoring a scholarship essay contest in honor of Mr. Walter Northcutt. Mr. Northcutt has been involved with the Gregg County Historical Museum since the museum founding when his father, W.D. Northcutt began bringing him to museum events as he was growing up. In the late 1990's Walter Northcutt began his 20 year tenure on the GCHM Board of Directors, serving as board president for 10 years. In 2015, Mr. Northcutt received the Pauline Cargill Award. Mr. Northcutt has been a longtime loyal friend to GCHM, attending events and exhibits, volunteering his time and providing financial support. He has spent many hours in the museum pursuing his love of academia and continued the family legacy by encouraging his children to volunteer with GCHM as well.
The scholarship is designed to promote the history of Gregg County and introduce the resources of the Gregg County Museum to a new generation of scholars. The scholarship program is open to all Gregg County 12th grade students.

Essay Topics:

  1. Write about a Gregg County historical place that you have visited and how that place helped you to appreciate your history.
  2. Write about a historical event that is important to your family or inspires you.
  3. Write about a person or group who has made a significant contribution to Gregg County in the last 150 years.
  4. An entity/event that impacted the growth of Gregg County (e.g. Caddo, Railroad).


References: At least two scholarly sources - with the Gregg County Historical Museum as one required source. For example: archives, oral histories, newspapers, images, etc...

Award: $1000

Submit entries by mail OR delivered Gregg County Historical Museum, Attn: Jennifer White, 214 N. Fredonia, Longview, TX 75601 OR emailed to education@gregghistorical.org.

Email all inquiries to education@gregghistorical.org.