Oral History

The Oral History Video Archive Collection is one of the museum's and Gregg County's most prized historical possessions.

Begun in the late 1980's under the auspices of Mr. Henry Gossett, the collection was forged out of audio/video recorded interviews of local citizens of Longview, and the surrounding areas, telling their stories and sharing their special memories of their lifelong hometown. A diverse group of individuals were selected to be interviewed on a seemingly endless list of topics and talking points. As interviews continued under the direction of Dr. Wayman Norman, the collection grew to nearly 300 separate video interviews and came to include footage of Gregg County Historical Marker dedications as well as footage of Gregg County Historical Society lectures.

Much of the more recent activity of the Oral History project has been funded in part by various donors including the Longview Cable Company. The Oral History Collection is a wonderful source for researching first hand accounts of Longview and Gregg County's local history. The Collection continues to grow as we invite any lifelong citizen of our fine county to have their story and personal interview recorded - and saved for future generations.

To schedule an appointment to view the oral history library, contact the Gregg County Historical Museum at 903-753-5840.